This is the story that lies behind the Slovakphoto.sk

I was a little girl when my mother tried to find me some hobby. She asked me if I want to try folk dance. I didn´t know exactly what it meant to dance in a folk ensemble, but I decided to try it and replied: “Maybe…”.  Throughout the first year of dancing, I told myself: “this is not for me, I’d better off playing basketball”…but then it happened.  

I have found new friends and the best friends I could ever meet. I started to dress up in tens of beautiful costumes, I started to take part in performances, I started to travel and show the world how pretty our dances, songs, costumes and cultural history are…

“…and finally I noticed that dancing in a folk ensemble trying to maintain our cultural treasure was the best decision I could ever make.”

For 13 years and throughout my studies I was didn’t stop dancing, and I understood how it is important to keep our cultural heritage alive. Our history represents the life of our ancestors and we are proud of it. They were poor, but in spite of this, they were happy. They made their days brighter by singing, dancing and decorating their clothes. This is why our costumes so bright and colourful.

Now I am a mother of two girls. I no longer dance, but my love for Slovak folk dance and the friendships I made remain. I hope that they will last forever. Fortunately one of my daughters loves folk dance as I do, so she continues what I have started.

How and why did I decide to start up Slovakphoto?

That idea was probably asleep deep in my mind for years, because one night I had a dream…a dream of taking shots of tourists in our Slovak costumes, and from that morning I could not stop thinking about it.

I shared my dream with my friends and they all told me, follow it and it will come true. Thanks to my family and my friends, and also thanks to business partners, Slovakphoto is here for you, to make your trip in Slovakia interesting and full of experiences.

Our skilled team is entirely made of people who love our traditions and are interested in Slovak traditional habits, dance and songs. They can help you with putting the costumes on.

Make your trip fun and memorable, and join our Slovakphoto photoshoot.

With love, Monika 🙂