How it works

1. Come and enjoy the atmosphere

As you enter our modest studio, you will travel through time. The space is full of original folk costumes, antique accessories and authentic items, many of them more than 100 years old. This is our history, which we are proud of. You can have a look, you can touch and also you can take a photo with all of these accessories.

2. Dressing up

Our team will recommend the costume which will fit you the best and help you to dress up. Do not worry, no need to take your own clothes off. Our costumes are sewn especially for this purpose, to stay hygienic and help get dressed quickly.  

3. Taking shots

This is the part when we have a lot of fun. You can try different poses, fun or serious…it is up to you. We usually take more shots to be sure that we have the best one. After the photoshoot you can take the costume off. 

4. Selection and printing + our small market offer

The best pictures will be shown to you and you will decide which one you like the best and would like to print. While waiting for the printed photos, you can have a look at our unique little shop. We offer only handmade original Slovak products. Each product is made with love, precision and patience by handy Slovak people. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes,  enter to our studio is absolutely free during opening hours, so no reason to hesitate. You can decide how many poses you want, whether printed pictures or digital files  and we will tell you the price.

The time you spend in our studio depends on how many pictures and poses you want.  But average time spent in our studio is 30 minutes. 

It is not necessary, but if you are in a hurry during your trip or want to plan your day in Bratislava, it is better to book the term with no additional fee.

The price depends on how many pictures we make and also on the form you will get the pictures. But we have offers for those who love printed pictures and also for those who prefer digital files.

Every photo we make is saved as a high quality jpg file. You will receive the path and the password. Files are available to download the next day after photo shooting. (at the latest, but usually it is in the evening of the photo shooting day).

It is also possibility to download using the QR code. But be careful, if you have many pictures, the file is very big on size. You should download the file while connected on wifi.

The pictures are available to download the following day, so if you try to do it sooner, it will appear like ERROR 404.  

To open the file you need to have 7zip or windows zip installed. 

If you have still any problems with reaching your photos, please contact us, so  we can solve the problem. 



Your pictures are saved on FTP server for 14 days. If you need to keep the photos on the server longer, just contact us. 

Please, do not use your own cameras to take the pictures. Your support help us to be here tomorrow. Taking pictures on your own cameras kill our studio. But, taking shots on your own camera is available upon question. 

Yes, we accept most major credit cards.